Our pieces are intentionally created with high-quality and affordable materials that are suitable for those with metal allergies.
Gold-Fill - Gold-fill pieces have a layer of real 14K gold pressure bonded to a base metal, typically brass. This layer of gold is 100x thicker than a jewelry piece that is considered gold-plated or gold-dipped, which means it will not chip and will not tarnish as long as it is well kept and cared for. This metal type gives you the look and feel of a solid gold piece of jewelry at a much more affordable cost.
Sterling Silver - Sterling Silver is a precious metal alloy with 92.5% solid silver. Though it can be prone to tarnish if not well kept, this is easily avoided by frequent wear and continued care.
Your gold-fill and sterling silver pieces can have a long, beautiful life if they are well cared for! Here are some tips to keep them in their best condition:
-Avoid wearing while showering, swimming, or exercising
-Avoid exposure to sunscreen, hairspray, perfumes and makeup products (put jewelry on after all of this has been applied).
-Clean jewelry after wearing either by gently rubbing it with a soft cloth to remove buildup, or washing with a mild soap and water and immediately drying with a soft towel. Use the provided polishing pad to get back it's beautiful shine
-Store in a dry, airtight container (a ziplock bag is perfect) and preferably not in a  place with lots of moisture (like your bathroom!)