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Ophelia Ring

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DESCRIPTION: This listing includes one (1) Ophelia Ring in your choice of size and metal. Please use drop down menu to select your preferences. The band of the ring comes in a velvety matte texture while the seat that holds the opal is bright any shiny.

A NOTE ABOUT ETHIOPIAN OPALS: Ethiopian opals are "hydrophane" which means that they easily absorb water and this can cause a change in the opals appearance. While you should avoid submerging your ring in water for extended periods of time in order to not permanently change the appearance of the opal (no pool, shower, ocean, or tub time please!), occasional contact with water will not affect it long-term and it will dry out back to it's original state. 

METAL OPTIONS: Rings are made of sterling silver or gold-fill materials. Gold-fill means that there is a bonded layer of real gold that is 100x thicker than a piece of jewelry that is gold-plated, meaning your piece will have a long life with no chipping or tarnishing as long as it is well kept.

NOTE: Due to the handmade nature of this piece, the solder seams on the ring may be visible. 

Please see our Care Instructions page for more information on keeping your pieces in their best condition.

PROCESSING TIME: Your pieces are handcrafted and made-to-order which means that they may take up to 12-14 business days to be made.