"I am a mother.


In May 2021, one week after Mother’s Day and 22 weeks pregnant with our very first child, a daughter, Poppy, we received terrifying anatomy scan results that led us down a path I never could have imagined.


After MANY ultrasounds, a fetal MRI, a fetal echocardiogram, an amniocentesis and extensive testing, we found out that Josh and I were healthy carriers of a rare genetic disease called Microcephalic Osteodysplastic Primordial Dwarfism Type 1 (MOPD1). Our little Poppy had an extreme case, which made our chances of meeting Poppy alive slim to none. The fear and devastation was incredibly heavy, but Poppy kept our spirits up. Often punching or head butting at the ultrasound probe and breathing in utero quite early. We sensed that she wouldn’t leave this earth without leaving her mark and she reminded us often.


Over the summer and amid heavy decisions and sleepless nights, we made it our priority to give our daughter the fullest life we could. We made a “Poppy’s Adventure List” and took her to concerts, the zoo, beaches, festivals, motorcycle rides, hikes and sunset drives blasting her songs.


On September 7th at 11:58 pm, Poppy Priscilla Miller joined us topside with eyes wide and an annoyed cry to let us know that we disturbed her from her cozy home. We were over the moon to be able to bear witness to Poppy’s enormous personality and tenacity face to face. We loved and kissed every inch of her 2 lb. 7 oz., 12 .5 inches stretched-all-the-way-to-her-tippy-toes body. For 12 too short hours, she fought to stay with us, even getting to meet her grandparents, aunties and friends who showered her with so much love.


She took her last breathes nestled on my chest  and it still takes my own breath away to remember the moment she flew away. She took a big piece of us along.


Despite the gnawing, raw grief, I am honored to have been the vessel to bear the most beautiful soul into and out of this realm. She made me a mom and showed me what it means to fight and love like a mother.



who have loved and lost,

who’s arms ache with emptiness,

who’s body’s bore the most precious gift,

who’s babies flew too soon,

are mothers."


10% of proceeds from sales of The Poppy Necklace will be donated to The Potentials Foundation and Sufficient Grace Ministries: